Disney under fire for Nonconsensual “True Love’s Kiss” Scene in Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

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Disneyland recently updated and reimagined the classic Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction. The ride is now Snow White’s Enchanted Wish and is brighter than before. One of the new scenes near the end of the ride is the famous “true love’s kiss” scene with Snow White and the prince.

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Now, Disney is under fire for adding that scene to the ride. Those criticizing the scene believe it shouldn’t have been added because Snow White could not consent to being kissed. Acts of physical contact are often considered nonconsensual when one or more parties is asleep, inebriated, or otherwise not of sound mind.

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Disney has made quite a few changes in its theme parks lately to be more inclusive. Is it surprising to see this scene in the Snow White ride?

You can see the scene for yourself in the video below:


7 thoughts on “Disney under fire for Nonconsensual “True Love’s Kiss” Scene in Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

  1. This is cancel culture at its finest. Completely stupid! Its a classic story and a classic movie. Leave it alone! The prince has to kiss Snow White in order to wake her up, idiots!

  2. Perhaps if the silent majority starts to talk these companies like Disney will learn soon enough get woke: get broke.
    But for that to happen, people need to stop being afraid to speak out against those pushing this kind of agenda.

    I don’t understand why people are more upset about this scene, but not the queen committing pre meditated murder. I understand nonconsensual touching, and perhaps if Charming was getting freaky with Snow White I could better see the concern, but we are talking about true loves kiss. In a fairy tale.

  3. Wondering how many people complained about this scene in the ride. This ride is a fairy tale ride. If it wasn’t this scene would be changed but since it’s a fairy tale ride they need to stop complaining and Disney needs to stop being neutral. Disney is all about stories and fairy tales and happy endings

  4. Who are these people, complaining. THEY AND IF YOUR READING THIS YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE 😡😡😡😡. If Snow White woke up and slapped his face then there would be a problem. ITS A STORY. A LONG AGO WRITTEN STORY Where life was simple and dreaming of a prince was fun, with no pretence or attack. LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. AND JUST LET FAIRY TALES DO THEIR PURPOSE. TO DREAM AND BE ENTERTAINED. AND IF YOUR THREATEN BY TRUE LOVES KISS THEN YOUR LIFE MUST BE SAD.

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