Disney changing Spaceship Earth to Rose Gold and receives new sponsor!

Great News Rose Gold fans… It is being reported that Disney is going to be changing the look of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth from the boring old silver to the ever popular Rose Gold!

With sales for the Rose Gold Minnie Ears & Rose Gold Spirit Jersey at an all-time high, not to mention almost every single Disney Resort has either a Rose Gold Cupcake, Rose Gold Churro, or even a Rose Gold Macaron, it is safe to say Disney has Rose Gold Fever!

The change of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth to Rose Gold is on the heels of an all-new sponsorship change from Siemens to every kid’s favorite Easter Egg dying company Paas!

While we only have limited details on the change, it is CONFIRMED that Disney will be using a special process borrowed from the new sponsor Paas Easter Eggs where they will be dipping SpaceShip Earth into a special Rose Gold Solution to give it that beautiful Rose Gold Color!

No official word on when the start date or finish date will be complete but we expect it to be before Disney finishes the Purple Wall in the Magic Kingdom!

Expect an official announcement on April 31st as these details were released to us by way of a confidential, super secret, confirmed inside source at Disney World.


P.S. – Our sister site, Disney Addicts is saying that Disney will be changing it to Millenial Pink… You decide. 

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