Disney Story Central to Retire Service in January of 2019

Disney Story Central to Retire Service in January of 2019

There’s yet another change to be noted coming to the Disney universe. Popular website and app-based Disney Story Central is soon to be no more. The planned retirement of the Disney book collection service affects all users…IOS, Android, and PC. So, those who possess a subscription should definitely take note.

As of January 31, 2019, the system will be caput. Although users will still be able to access their current selections, updates and new materials will not be available. This also includes product support. So, if you’re a subscriber experiencing problems with the software…you’re on your own.

The Disney Story Central site also notes that Disney Interactive will not be held responsible for refunds or credits for virtual items. However, for automatic subscribers…you don’t have to do much in preparation for the retirement of the service. Disney will be canceling the service altogether, therefore you shouldn’t expect drafts from cards or accounts.

As Disney moves towards a stronger future…the retirement of Disney Story Central is another allocated resource that will kick the proverbial bucket. Although some may not appreciate the change, don’t let it draw your attention away from the new and exciting things being offered in 2019!

Courtesy of Disney Story Central.com

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2 thoughts on “Disney Story Central to Retire Service in January of 2019

  1. Hey Michael Arnold, just getting the word out there…To everyone who was bitterly dissapointed when they opened the DSC app tonight to read their little ones a bedtime story and found that they needed to update the app to continue, then went to the App Store and found that the app was not available, I have a workaround to losing those 2.5+ GB of much loved stories you’ve collected.

    Simply force shut the app, put your device into airplane mode, reopen the app, and voila, you’ll be able to read from your collection again. No need to thank me, our kids getting to sleep is enough…

    On a side note, maybe turn off mobile data for DSC, this won’t allow Disney or Apple to do something to the app that would prevent us continuing to read what we’ve collected so far, and never, ever, open the app on wifi…
    Hope that helps!

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