Disney Springs’ The Ganachery Now Offers a Chocolate Maleficent Pinata

Chocolate Malificent Pinata

If you’re a chocolate-lover and you’ve been to Disney Springs, then you’ve probably noticed The Ganachery. Home to the sweet temptation of all our chocolate dreams-come-true, they boast a number of unique eats that include specialty truffles, house-made s’mores, character-themed chocolate lollipops, various chocolate bars, and more. The reason we’re heading there this fall? Chocolate pinatas.

Pinatas are typically not edible, so the idea of a waste-free candy-containing-candy version is more than charming. Although they’ve released Chocolate Skull Pinatas and Mickey Mummy Pinatas already for this upcoming Halloween, the opening of the new Maleficent movie has brought on a new version of the whackable treat: the Chocolate Maleficent Pinata. Decorated with a green face and her signature horns, this pinata will definitely have you feeling like you’re hitting the Mistress of Evil herself.

Each pinata comes with its own miniature mallet and is made of 65% dark chocolate. Yum! As for what’s inside, it’s a mystery. We’re told there are sweet treats inside the pinata, but until she’s cracked open there’s no real clue as to what they could be. The safe bet would be something chocolatey!

The Pinata costs $28 and is currently available at The Ganachery down in Disney Springs. We love seeing all the creative treats they come up with, and when those come along with an outlet for our frustrations (just whack that anger out with some chocolate), we’re doubly intrigued! Sounds like it’s time for some chocolate!

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Allison Luna