Disney Pre-Qualifying Contractors for Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point

According to the Nassau Guardian, Disney Cruise Line has begun the process of pre-qualifying contractors for the Lighthouse Point cruise port on the island of Eleuthera. 

In a newsletter developed for the locals of Eleuthera, Disney explains that they are meeting with contractors while touring local construction sites in search of the right people for the job. 

Disney also expressed interest in local contractors at a recent meeting of the Bahamian Contractors’ Association. 

Additionally, Disney will conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) before the project can begin. 

The newsletter also stated, “Our own team of conservation experts is working closely with a highly qualified team of Bahamians and an experienced international firm to perform an EIA of the site that aligns with our company’s long-standing commitment to the environment. This is a detailed analysis being conducted as directed by the BEST Commission. Once a draft is submitted, both the EIA and environmental management plan will be reviewed by the government and made available for public consultation. Only after that process is complete can work begin on the site.” 

Bahamians and Eleutherans have expressed the desire for more information on this project and how it will affect day-to-day life on the island. Disney released this newsletter to hopefully answer questions and keep the public in the loop with the progress of the Lighthouse Point project. 

Disney has also released that they are committed to developing only 20% of the Lighthouse Point property. They will be donating 190 acres of privately-owned land to the government.

Source: Nassau Guardian 

Photo Credit: Bahamas Weekly

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