Disney Parks Drama Sparks “Why I Got Kicked Out Of Disney” Trend Online

Disney Parks Drama Sparks “Why I Got Kicked Out Of Disney” Trend Online. With a family breaking out into a fight in the middle of Toontown in Disneyland, a woman punching a Cast Member in the Face at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and an angry mom’s tweet about childless adults at Disney Parks, it has not been the most magical couple of weeks in regards to Disney Parks in the news.

First and foremost, we want you all to know that Disney’s number one goal at their theme parks is safety for their guests and Cast Members. That does not mean that incidents do not occur on occasion, and Disney does their best to actively put safety above all else. Despite their best efforts, sometimes not so magical things happen which has started the trending hashtag #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney on Twitter.

Now most of the posts are meant to be funny and are not serious offenses at the Disney Parks, but some interesting stories have surfaced since the circulation of the popular hashtag. Check out some of the posts here:


Despite rumors online, Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and the gang do NOT drop to the ground when someone yells “Andy’s/Bonnie’s Coming!” because it would be unsafe for the characters to fall to the ground and potentially cause injuries. (Remember that whole safety first thing I mentioned earlier?)

Obviously this breaks the Genie Rules. “Ixnay on the wishing for more wishes!”

My personal favorite, and clear winner in this trend is:


For more interesting finds be sure to search the #WhyIWasKickedOutOfDisney hashtag on Twitter and maybe leave your own story about things you have witnessed in the Disney Parks or why you would be kicked out.

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Photo Credit: @RestingRichFace/Orlando Weekly

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