Mommy Rant About Millennials at Disney World Goes Viral

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Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park on a hot summer day, you’ll know that people can get worked up over the small things. Case in point, one mom recently took to Facebook to unleash an angry rant against the happiest place on earth for, of all things, allowing adults to come without children.

Instead of appreciating Walt Disney’s bringing out the child in everyone, this particular guest found it revolting, calling childless visitors “immature millennials” and other much more offensive terms. Her wrath was seemingly provoked by a long line at a pretzel stand, where her 3-year old was forced to watch childless women in short shorts getting their snacks before him. She went as far as to angrily suggest that Disney either ban those who come without children or allow mothers and their little ones to cut in line.

WARNING: the original post uses expletives and offensive language.

After her rant was uploaded to Twitter, users exploded over the issue. Some laughed it off, others retaliated in anger. Many pointed out that Disney relies on childless couples for revenue in areas specifically designed for kid-free adults, such as bars and lounges.

One can certainly understand the frustration that is felt on particularly hot and crowded days, especially with fussy children in tow. However, Walt Disney World wasn’t only built for children; it was built for the child in all of us. At Disney Parks, no matter their age or reason for visiting, guests are welcomed to a world unlike any other. And how could anyone be blamed for embracing it?

Allison Luna
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