Mommy Rant About Millennials at Disney World Goes Viral

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Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park on a hot summer day, you’ll know that people can get worked up over the small things. Case in point, one mom recently took to Facebook to unleash an angry rant against the happiest place on earth for, of all things, allowing adults to come without children.

Instead of appreciating Walt Disney’s bringing out the child in everyone, this particular guest found it revolting, calling childless visitors “immature millennials” and other much more offensive terms. Her wrath was seemingly provoked by a long line at a pretzel stand, where her 3-year old was forced to watch childless women in short shorts getting their snacks before him. She went as far as to angrily suggest that Disney either ban those who come without children or allow mothers and their little ones to cut in line.

WARNING: the original post uses expletives and offensive language.

After her rant was uploaded to Twitter, users exploded over the issue. Some laughed it off, others retaliated in anger. Many pointed out that Disney relies on childless couples for revenue in areas specifically designed for kid-free adults, such as bars and lounges.

One can certainly understand the frustration that is felt on particularly hot and crowded days, especially with fussy children in tow. However, Walt Disney World wasn’t only built for children; it was built for the child in all of us. At Disney Parks, no matter their age or reason for visiting, guests are welcomed to a world unlike any other. And how could anyone be blamed for embracing it?

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28 thoughts on “Mommy Rant About Millennials at Disney World Goes Viral

  1. What a self-entitled feckless person. Here’s an idea, don’t have kids or better yet, teach them to WAIT THEIR DAMN TURN.
    Get a life!

  2. My wife and I are 61 years old. Kids left home years ago. We still go to WDW every couple of years. Sorry, lady.

  3. I am not thrilled when I see young women in clothes that leave nothing to the imagination but I am way more upset when people swear in front of my kids. The language this mother used is just ugly.

  4. Disney should ban this woman who definitely doesn’t need to come there with her bad attitude reflecting it on her child and others during a very happy time. My only issue with Disney is that ALL children should be able to afford to see this wonderful place and not just the lucky ones whose family can afford to take them there. It is truly HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH and each child needs to experience it.

  5. Simply if you don’t like the crowds, or the heat, then go someplace else. Your frustration and frankly your miserable attitude will ruin any potential happy memory that your child could have had and that isn’t the fault of others or Disney, but your own. Disney is and has always been for children of All ages. So, If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the proverbial kitchen, so to speak. I hear Gator Land is a hoot.

  6. If she wants to talk about throwing away money on useless crap maybe we should discuss taking a child on a trip to an expensive amusement park when they are under the age of five and therefor will have no memory whatsoever of the trip when they get older. If you and your child are not patient enough to deal with lines then just let the kiddo play in the sprinkler in your back yard or something. It will cost you nothing and they will still have fun.

  7. Oh my goodness! Her post is definitely more offensive than anything she was complaining about. Maybe she should consider a different vacation destination since she clearly doesn’t know how to enjoy the experience regardless of the circumstances. 😔

  8. imagine what it would cost to go to WD if people without children were banned..most people with children wouldn’t be able to afford it, a pretzel would cost you $100.00 and she’d still have to say no.

  9. I think the women needs to be patient her self it is hard for a child to wait I have two of my own my son is married now and has a son who hasn’t been there yet my daughter is 13 when she was 5 almost 6 my mother and I took her she had a great time she met her favorite princess which is ariel and it made her day. My first time there was in 1985 I was pregnant with my son I couldn’t go on much of the rides but I had a great time . So it doesn’t matter if you have children or not it’s a place for everyone just like walt Disney said come to Disneyland and bring out the kid in you . We grew up loving all of those characters and like this one woman said there are women out there that can’t have children or having trouble getting pregnant I know I was one of them I had my son with my first husband and couldn’t get pregnant again by him but when I met my second I had two children with him but lost the first one then a year later I had my beautiful daughter which her and her older brother are 20 years apart so please don’t think Disney world or Disneyland is only for people with kids cause its not nobody wouldn’t like it if people with kids aren’t aloud there or any where else .

  10. Thank you for entertaining me this morning with your comments. I guess she would have been pissed seeing Walt enjoy the parks as an adult without kids( his were grown when Disneyland was completed). What a joke!

  11. Okay, so I absolutely do not agree with the woman’s rant. But some of you talking about people bringing their babies to the park is ridiculous. You got mad at her comments so you’re going to make idiotic comments as well?!

    I was there this past week with my family for nieces and nephews being involved in sporting event tournaments. I took my 9 month old and I can say, he did amazingly. We had a stroller I made sure to handle it and not run over anyone etc… I saw couples without children, couples with children, teens and young adults walking around in groups or single. I saw every group having their own annoying issues but I didn’t let it phase me one bit…why?! Because I was with my family, it was extremely hot, and I was more worried about making sure my little one was cool/hydrated/fed/not fussy.

    We went on rides and he did well.
    Grant it we only did fast pass rides, but I knew waiting in lines for hours would not work and we were able to go to the hotel for a nap/shower/cool down and return to the park for the afternoon/night fireworks and rides.

    Read up on how to operate going to Disney parks and stop blaming others for you not having fun. Stay in your own business and you won’t have issues with anyone else who went to the same place to have fun. Because I can guarantee you they are just trying to enjoy themselves and ignore your rude ass too!

  12. She sounds like she has a lot of issues and has resentment for younger women just minding their business and living their best lives. Not every woman needs to push out a baby into this world. To which is own but she sounds toxic as hell and should seek therapy.

  13. Let’s see, Walt Disney himself said, “To ALL who come to this happy place welcome, Disneyland is YOUR land.” This statement applies to all Disney parks, including WDW. In other words, if you bought a ticket, your welcomed to the park. This lady was just too lazy to stand in line.

  14. I personally believe that there should a day for people without children. When I go to Disney with my teens I am constantly being struck with strollers and scooters. People with kids are the worst. Because they are miserable they make everyone miserable. The sad thing is that Disney will buy into to this idiot’s rant and make it harder to buy single rate tickets

  15. I am a 27 year old and my husband is 35. I recently found out that I will never be able to have children so because of that this woman wants me to be banned front Disney World? Lady you best come find me and see what adult conversation we have

  16. What kills me the most is her rant that she hates childless people. As someone who has been trying to have a child of my own, that hits me in a different place. You never know someone’s story… maybe they can’t have kids. Maybe they’re trying hard to have them, or maybe they lost a child. And heaven forbid someone not want one yet or ever. A woman’s worth should not be defined by her ability or desire to procreate. I go to Disney 2-4 times a year… it makes me and my husband happy. Why should we have to stop doing what we love while we wait for that other dream to come true? Just… ughh.

  17. This deeply saddens me that this mom first of all would ever slut shame a girl waiting in line. Okay so maybe her shorts were a little short for her liking but would that mom ever want another mom to share those words with her own daughter or maybe even the girlfriend/wife of her son? So sad that this mom thought it was okay to do that. Secondly, most of the employees at WDW are actually college students who all live together and work very long shifts in the heat to make the magic for the parks. These students sometimes end up beginning relationships so they are the childless couples or even the childless millennials this mom is talking about and they are simply enjoying the parks they work so hard to upkeep and run every day. We all should stop living in a bubble and learning how to practice compassion for each other. I’m sure if the line was too long and her child was melting down, if that mom had talked to a park attendant, they would have been happy to work their magic and find a better solution. Part of the magic of Disney World is that it is chaotic and hot but the staff find creative ways to live out the dreams of childhood so if that means walking a crying kid to the next pretzel stop and pretending they are on a secret mission like Buzz, that cast member would do it!

  18. Maybe there should be days where no kids are allowed! Ha! We waited to take our kids when they were a little older so they could really remember the fun they had. They also were able to hold their own through the parks and we didn’t need to use a stroller, it was much easier to navigate through crowds. It just baffles me when people also come to the parks with babies! It can’t be much fun for either the parents or the child. We also went a few years back with our son and his friend and at the time they were 21 and they had a blast. We also plan on going next year, just my husband and I and we cannot wait to go!

  19. If you want to have a good time at Disney, you don’t take a three year old. They won’t really remember it, anyway. Wait until they are older. You can use that time to teach your child that waiting in line with others is part if the day. Next, be thankful all those people in front of you are still childless because that line would have been moving lots slower with kids in tow. I’d go the opposite direction and say Disney is not a good idea with kids under 5. (And if you don’t believe try to get them on most of the rides!)

  20. The real issue here is that some people feel entitled to be first at all times and because they have children, they should be given the right to trample over other people’s rights. They would prefer that everything is handed to little Johnny because he’s her kid. It’s too much work to teach their children patience or let them experience disappointment so they don’t have to deal with the fallout. Guess what Mommy? Your kids aren’t better than anyone else’s and you don’t need special treatment because you had them. Keep teaching them they are better than everyone else and deserve to be first at all times and see what happens when they are adults. In the meantime, please remember public places are for everyone. Controlling your children is your job and this one seems to have failed miserably.

  21. This unfortunately happens more then it should.
    I had an experience where I gotten to Fantasmic early because I wanted a good seat. A family sat down next to me and the mother started loudly complaining to her husband that single people should not be allowed to take up space for these shows because it’s a family show. The mother got up and next thing I know I’m being tapped on the shoulder by a cast member and he asks me to follow him. I followed him to the top of the stairs and he told me that the women was asking that I be removed because I do not have a family with me to watch the show……… however, since cast members are wonderful beings he created a moment of magic for me by escorting me to the reserved dining seating. I had a great view with no pillars in the way and I was able to enjoy the show.

    Disney is for everyone. And the definition of a family is different to very person. I hope this mother eventually understands that other theme parks will have the same scenario. No one should ever be denied admission to Disney works because she was overwhelmed.

  22. We wish there was a ONE day to go to the park without all these snot nosed kids and their rotten millenial parents and no we’re not millenials. Teach your bitch ass kid to wait in line or learn to make pretzels at home. You’re probably the driver on your phone at the green light, cutting across lanes to make your next turn with no regard to others because your texting and have no clue where you’re going.

  23. I’m an adult female seems like you’re only going crazy about the girl in the shorts. Not for nothing I’m a 32 year old female and my fiancé is a 38 year old male who visit Disney about 5 to 7 times a year. We live in New Jersey, we are annual pass members and dvc members I spend a lot more money. She probably can only afford to take little Johnny once or twice in her life time not my fault! I don’t have children and I am not a stupid millennial! I work hard for my money and Disney is something we are passionate about! It is not just for children we paid to get in doesn’t matter if you have a child unfortunately. With that being said you might need to check yourself into a mental institution and have yourself evaluated!

  24. Sounds like someone that probably didn’t need to bring another child into the world, since they’re still pitching tantrums themselves. You might want to find a way to keep your child entertained while in a line, etc. I’ve taken our children to Disney as toddlers, flights overseas and have always had people comment on how well behaved they were. My husband and I continue to enjoy Disney as much as we did when we were children and often go without our own that are grown now. Perhaps the problem ISN’T the fact there are adults at Disney, but the fact that you don’t appear to be one.

  25. Wow that women needs to seek mental help! Sure lady, once you become an adult you should not have any fun, or even have a life, unless it revolves around children. Ugh. The poor kid, having a mother who is so unreasonably unhinged. As a blissfully happy childless adult who loves amusement parks, I often am annoyed at screaming kids with oblivious mothers at these places. Yet, at one point I was a whiny child too, so I just shrug it off and accept that it’s part of the experience. That said, it would be awesome if Disney & other parks had “adult” nights where at least a portion was open all night for us adults to have some fun without screaming toddlers!

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