Woman Banned from Disney World for Allegedly Punching Tower of Terror Cast Member

A 23-year-old Chicago woman at Hollywood Studios who was upset that she didn’t have a Fast Pass for Disney’s Tower of Terror ended up punching a Cast Member in the face and began pressing buttons on the ride according to an Orange Country Sheriff’s Report.  The news was released on the Orlando Sentinel today but the incident happened back on July 13th.

The report states that the cast member didn’t press charges for the assault and even tried to help the 23-year-old get fast passes for the ride. The incident occurred in the area where guests are escorted to the library to see the ‘Twilight Zone’ introduction show and not on the ride itself.

Security was called after the scene started to escalate with family members taunting the Cast Member with profanities and recording the incident on their phones.

The girl attempted to flee but was later caught by Disney Security.

When the Orange Country Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene the cast members eye was swollen but she declined treatment.

Disney has issued a lifetime ban on the Chicago woman for the incident…

“We don’t tolerate unsafe behavior,” a Disney spokeswoman said when reached for comment.



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6 thoughts on “Woman Banned from Disney World for Allegedly Punching Tower of Terror Cast Member

  1. Just wondering why the cast member dropped charges? I’m sorry I don’t like how”Disney down played the incident”. Nor how did the woman ACTUALLY think she would get past a Cast member w/out a fast pass. It’s people like this that ruin Disney fun ,for everyone else. I wondering the same thing about the family in Disney Land.

    Personlly I’m survivor of a abusive relationship I got out over 25 yrs. How in the world could you let your child see that? I watch that video in disgust, horror and ,shame. Disgust for why did not anyone step up , stop the brute,call 911,get too on of the many restaurants which they could have gotten hold security a lot faster. Horror was people were more concerned about videotaping this atrocity then helping out an abusive situation occurring, then not even worrying about anything else .videoing it then uploading it for 15 min of infamy.

    While you see these poor children not only in the family but those surrounding it in shock crying and what not that is horrible. unfortunately this is one of the many reasons I never want to go to Disneyland. I always dream to to see this was originally Walt Disney’s first project it was his home. But it’s in Anaheim California and the surrounding it is just gone downhill there are such low rent in the kind of like the slums and I just don’t feel safe to go there I’d much rather go if I can too you know Euro Disney or Tokyo and Paris. I’ve never understood why or how people act the way they do when on : vacation/ holiday. This goes for both Americans all ethnicities & Europeans ,those with Disabilities & etc

    Now for awesome groups that go across the entire board: ethnicities, Americans, Europeans,w/Disabilities, Rich/Poor & etc.

    Here are some things you find us doing:

    Wheny are on vacation especially Disney. If you’re@a quick service clean up after your self.

    Riding a bus after the park is closing back to hotel: please give your seat to elderly,mom w/lil ones,etc

    Make reservations table don’t glare at us who get in to eat faster than you.

    Mainly most of all ” use your common sense “Disney fans all over appreciate.

  2. Imagine…being violent and unruly in front of others and kids…then you expect to go on a ride experience and be like oh wow this is fun…the ghetto trash are out of there mind psychotics.

  3. I’m the Mum of a cast member and she gets verbally abused on a daily basis for things in which she has no control. This is a sad insight into todays society. For such a low hourly rate, these people do not get paid enough to be abused on a daily basis. Disney need to revisit the whole fastness system, increase the workers hourly rate and listen to their workers feedback and act on it!

  4. My only comment is that I wish that Disney had used a more substantial word in its description of the event rather than “unsafe” behavior. How about “Disney doesn’t tolerate RUDE, AGGRESSIVE, THREATENING, HATEFUL behavior or ASSAULT on its Cast Members.” As the Mom of a Cast Member I’ve heard stories that would curl your hair about how guests treat CMs. Sad reflection on our world.

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