Disney Issues Fine to School for Playing Lion King Without A License

Lion King

For a school in Berkeley, CA, no one imagined how playing a Disney movie could be a problem.

Back in November, the PTA group at Emerson Elementary School held a fundraiser. Those in charge though it was a good idea to play the 2019 Lion King movie for the fundraising event. Everything was ok until the school district received a surprise in the mail. The Berkeley school district was notified that they had committed a violation by playing Lion King without a license. The council members were upset since they received a $250 fine for violating Disney’s licensing.

However, there is a happy ending to this story. The news of the school district’s disappointment spread on the Internet, and the Walt Disney Company was quick to respond. Bob Iger understood the disappointment shared by school officials and students at the school.

Bob Iger apologized for the fine and personally donated his own money to help fund the initiative. The fundraiser initially raised only $800, so parents were saddened to hear the fine would take away almost a third of their collection. The parents and students are happy to receive Bob’s apology and donation.

What happened served as a reminder to people about licensing laws and how it’s important to verify things like this in advance when hosting events.

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Kevin Koszola