Disney Imagineer comments on controversial Snow White updates

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Recently the Snow White update made headlines when some people started to complain about the True Love Kiss scene when Disneyland reopened at the end of April.

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For those not keeping up with the news, Disney fell under fire last week for adding that scene to the ride. Those criticizing the scene believe it shouldn’t have been added because Snow White could not consent to being kissed. Acts of physical contact are often considered nonconsensual when one or more parties is asleep, inebriated, or otherwise not of sound mind.

You can see our first look at Snow White’s Enchanted Wish below:

Recently Disney Imagineer Jim Shull commented on the change to this beloved attraction on his twitter account.


Shull also wrote in a previously deleted tweet:

“Allowing for the fact that cultural changes occur over decades it must be acknowledged that in the context of the tale on which the film is based that the ride is accurate.”

I think Disney Fans are having more fun with creating Disney Memes of the Snow White Scene and are less enraged over the new scene.

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This one from Back to the Future is probably my favorite.

Tell your thoughts on the new scene from Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

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