Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

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Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to pick up some hot new Disney Merchandise at the theme parks only to get in your car, drive to Disney and find out all of the items are now gone.

The same can be said for getting up early, visiting the ShopDisney website, and then in a matter of minutes, the item is sold out.

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Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

Many of these items will end up on eBay, most times with large markups. While I am all for people making a living I believe there is a fine line between being a Personal Shopper and a Reseller.

Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

Disney is trying to fight the reseller market by limiting product purchases to 2 items per guest. We are hearing word that Disney is going to take that a step further by revoking Annual Passes and issuing Trespassing Warnings to those resellers.

Just this past weekend I have seen some interesting photos of resellers at the Wine & Dine RunDisney Expo. You can google those photos for yourself.

Which is probably where this latest bit of Disney Gossip came from. We have all seen those photos of resellers with strollers full of product which I am sure great for business for them but makes it hard for those who visit the theme parks to take home a little bit of Magic.

Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

Recently a very prominent Shopper has closed up shop. There is no word if Disney revoked their annual pass, all that was shared was a farewell message on their social media.

This begs the question will we see more shops starting to close as well?

Again I have no issues with people making a buck, if Disney would list every item for sale at the parks on ShopDisney I think the need for resellers would go away. When the signs went up limiting guests to 2 items I heard it was enforced at some places and not at others. If Disney stood their ground and enforced that site-wide I think that would help.

Anywho I could go down the rabbit hole with suggestions we just wanted to pass the word on the Disney Gossip we have seen mentioned in various forums and on other Disney sites.

We are unsure if Disney is going to follow through with any of it so for now take everything with a grain of salt.

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3 thoughts on “Disney Gossip: Disney Cracking down on reselling of park merchandise

  1. What are people with large families supposed to do if they want or need multiple items? One commenter said it’s a problem if someone buys six of the same shirt in multiple sizes: I need four shirts for my family, all in different sizes. I’m not selling them, I’m a Disney nerd who likes to make her family wear matching shirts because it makes photos look better 🙂 I agree that no one should be able to go in and clean out the available stock, but there needs to be a happy medium in here somewhere.

  2. Some people are genuinely just helping others get items like for families overseas that may be military or can’t get to the parks especially since covid hit because they’re locals. Those who are genuinely picking up items for friends or family started to get haressed, I was one of them. Some of us who like to do a little extra magic surprise giving around the parks to where we’d go in for the day buy some things leave Fairy dust random through the park were also getting haressed and even when I was buying items for all 4 of my kids ho live with their dad up north wanting the same item I’d have it in my hand and got haressed. I’ve had to talk to CM managers at GS several times about it. CMs haressing guest is a big no no I understand the random “hey do you mind me asking” questioning and I could pull out all my kids annual passes on my account but it got to the point I was blatantly accused of being a reseller. For years I’ve asked for items in the park to have some sort of CS to order items from too. If they’re jacking the prices of current items I absolutely am in favor of dealing with them. If the items are discontinued and appraised and someone needs extra cash for Christmas that’s always been ok with me too. But the rate Some of these current in store still items have been going for is out of hand.

  3. As long as it is two OF THE SAME ITEM!!!!!! You can’t limit people to only buying two things… it is when they are buying six of the same shirt in multiple sizes….. that is the problem!!!!!!

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