Disney Changes Pressed Penny Machines at Disney World

Are you a collector of pressed pennies? If you are or you are thinking about souvenir pennies at Walt Disney World they seem to be rolling out new machines. Also, it may be no surprise but they have gone up in price. Pressed pennies are now $1 instead of the previous 51¢.

We found these new machines at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square. The new machines have a credit card slot and will only accept bills, no more loose change. The days of carrying around loose change are done. The new machines will now provide your penny.

So far the Disney souvenir pressed pennies seem to be the same. They are just supplied by the machine. You also have the option of buying all the pennies from a single machine at one time but there wasn’t a price decrease for doing so.

Even with the increase, the souvenir pressed pennies are still one of the least expensive souvenir options at Disney. I do like the convince of not having to carry a bag of loose change around.

Do you think this ruins the experience of the pressed souvenir penny?

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Susan Wilson

20 thoughts on “Disney Changes Pressed Penny Machines at Disney World

  1. I like using my own pennies, saving my Pennies from before 1982. New pennies don’t look pretty very long.

  2. So Disney has found a way to suck the fun out of collecting pressed pennies. What a shame. I thought they were in the business of creating fun.

  3. WALT MUST BE SO DISAPPOINTED IN HIS DREAM WHILE HE LOOKS DOWN AT THE LAST YEARS OF GREED THE NEW OWNERS ARE SHOWING!!! The Penny machines are just one more sign of greed! And taking away the cranks is just sad! Little children love to produce those pennies themselves! AND NOBODY IS SURE THOSE ARE PRESSED PENNIES COMING OUT AND NOT JUST A COPPER SLUG! Keep it up Disney and you will lose the families who work hard for a living to come there! There are lots more common people than rich folks in America… KEEP IT UP!

  4. I tried one of these at the Intrepid Museum in NYC. I’m not convinced they are even using real pennies. I suspect it’s just a copper slug. Does anyone know for sure? Anyway, I much prefer the old ones myself.

  5. This makes me so sad!!! I have the machines where you just press a button. I want to be able to crank it and make my chosen penny. And I wanted to be able to pass that on to my children!

  6. It is like taking a child’s lunch money. Pennies are almost worthless so this is a way to make them collectable. Where is the honor and taking the high road by saying “We’re not going to do this”?

  7. I know some people like the shiny pennies but I always prefered the way the older pennies looked. I have a feeling these will be stocked with fresh rolls from the bank full of shiny pennies. 🙁

  8. The kids love the crank machines. It’s exciting and different. It’s like they actually made their souvenirs. This is such a shame

  9. So it’s the same as just buying a copper oval at the souvenir shop I mean it’s convenient for an adult but is it still exciting for the child???

  10. Don’t like this at all. Part of the fun of pressed pennies was finding the machine with that special character and making it

  11. I don’t think this is fun at all. The best part about watching our 6 year old is seeing him put his money in and study the coins before he presses the coin. We never minded bringing our quarters and pennies

  12. As a collector of the pressed penny’s from every where in the world I find them and having over 450 from WDW & WDL I think technology has forced us collectors to think about these machines in a new way. This last winter I was at WDW and found several machines that would give you 12 pennies for $10.00 and 8 pennies for $5.00, still somewhat of a deal. So I played along, getting several duplicates in the process at machines in different locations at parks & hotels. Not to fond of the chase if the machine is dollar for penny, and there isn’t a variety. The thrill of hunting these working machines and that one penny you need for the set has been taken away. Not sure I will plan my day around the campus of WDW seeking these machines any longer. So sad!

  13. This is very sad. Its the thrill of finding your perfect penny, placing the coins in the slots and that exciting turn of the crank. I’m very disappointed in this decision! It’s not about the cost. It’s about actually manually creating something! The smaller kids are so proud that they turned it on their own. My kids are older and still love the thrill of the hand crank. Disney please reconsider this!

  14. This is so sad, why is everything about Money!! The kids enjoy collecting their quarters and pennies,, they don’t want to provide a $1 for a pressed peice of metal (its not even a real penny)!!!

  15. Not a fan, I like using copper pennies and this won’t let you. I won’t be giving my money to these machines anymore!

  16. This is total not good. My kids loved to save their money and bring the exact number of quarters and bright shiny pennies. Takes all the fun out of presses pennies. Also was a cheap souvenir for the kids and they thought they brought home millions. So sad. I guess it’s true they just want your money

  17. This one kills me. If you are doing it this way why not just sell them in the store and mail them straight home. Paying a dollar to press the penny is bad but half the fun as a kid was turning the crank. Do you still see the penny get pressed if not how do we know they arent pre pressed in China. This along with doing away with theamed cast costumes is someone pinching too many pennies while charging us to many more dollars.

  18. I just hope they’re “clean” pennies. My only dislike is that if you want a specific penny, you have to know where it is and hunt down the machine. I wanted Grumpy and lucked out that it happened to be at the hotel where I was staying.

  19. I’m happy about the credit card option, but I do think it’s more nostalgic to bring your own penny. Perhaps the date one chooses would be significant. For instance, I’d like the penny to have the date when I visited with my son, who is now deceased.

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