Disney CEO Bob Iger Takes a Big Pay Cut in 2019

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Bob Iger pay cut

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, has received a significant pay cut in 2019. According to Deadline, Iger received only $47.5 million this past year compared to his compensation of 2018 which was $65.6 million- an almost 28% decrease.

Iger’s compensation consists of $3 million in base salary, almost $30 million in stock, and $21.8 million in non-equity plan compensation. However, he received more in 2018 due to a bonus for staying with the company longer than he intended to (choosing to retire at a later time).Disney CEO Bob Iger Takes a Big Pay Cut in 2019 1

Iger’s salary is very controversial, people arguing that even with the pay cut he is making too much money and that lower level Cast Members barely earn anything.

According to Deadline, Disney has attempted to counter these statements by pointing out the company’s investment towards education for employees. This allows them to be able to climb the ladder at their job and potentially make just as much money.

What do you think about the pay cut and Iger’s current compensation? Let us know in the commnts below.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Takes a Big Pay Cut in 2019 2

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6 thoughts on “Disney CEO Bob Iger Takes a Big Pay Cut in 2019

  1. He earns what he’s worth. He deserves it. He earns it for what he does. Great thing about jobs are, they’re voluntary. Literally all free will.. dont like the pay? Go somewhere else. Dont like the benefits? Go somewhere else. If you stay where you are AND complain you dont have a leg to stand on. You are the one making the choice… its called capitalism. It’s great because of the freedom it provides.

  2. I mean honestly…being the head of a multi-billion dollar world wide company will obviously pay very well. His life has become pretty much all about Disney, constant traveling, time away from his own family, etc.

    To even compare the salaries of cast members doing entry level positions to that of a CEO is a hugeeeee leap.

    With that being said, Disney has turned around and started paying their employees a lot better than they used to make. My niece, a 16 year old seasonal employee was making upwards of $13 an hour. That is pretty good money for a 16 year old with no bills.

    In saying that, that’s good for a 16 year old. Disney offers educational opportunities that pay upfront full cost of tuition. That. Is. Huge. If people don’t take advantage of their benefits and opportunities to advance it is their own fault, not that of a CEO that has made it possible that opportunities such as aspire is made available.

  3. Ok as a 28 year employee at Disney that Bob Iger pay cut is BS I started in House helping at 5 dollars in 89 work 2 jobs to raise my family that was 1989 when I left company in 2017 13..00 an hour was bull shit and it sucks the manager that has been there for 25 to 35 years do not earn a living wage either .And these CEO the descion maker’s get rich off of our dollar .set in meetings make bad decisions for a Company as big as Disney earn billions then get bonus is Bullshit .Just my Thought s

  4. The cast members are paid a ridiculously low wage and are VERY hard workers. They deserve more pay. I’m not a cast member but have watched how hard and diligently these important and necessary individuals work. Honestly, how much money does one man need? I have heard some past cast members refer to the CEOs as the 8th dwarf: Greedy.

  5. Full timer should get their hours first we should make more than the person that’s coming in off the street some people have been there 20 years and are at top out pay and still not making $15 an hour we still live in poverty poverty as a cast member we have to determine whether we’re paying our rent or getting our medication that should not be the issue and for Bob Iger to say he took a cut in pay that’s a bunch of malarkey

  6. I think Mr. Iger needs to really look at how cast members are paid and adjust that fairly. They are not even compensated for years of employment so a new employee makes the same as an employee who has worked for years? That is crazy and unfair. You say they can move up but the jobs are limited so they are stuck in lower paying jobs without pay compensation for years. They work hard, very hard, yet there are times their hours are not given to them because they are given to college program kids first. They need to be able to depend on their hours and pay. They are the ones the guests see, interact with and keep the parks running. For top management to make millions and lower employees ( no matter how many years of service) to make $15 hour, yet they run everything is outrageous. Paying for education is great but 1) doesn’t help everyone and 2) doesn’t move them up until and maybe when a job opens, which could be years.

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