Deleted Scene From ‘Frozen II’ Reveals Elsa and Anna’s Parents True Feelings About Hiding Elsa’s Powers

Deleted Scene From ‘Frozen II‘ Reveals Elsa and Anna’s Parents True Feelings About Hiding Elsa’s Powers. Disney has released a deleted scene from Frozen II that gives us insight into how Elsa and Anna’s parents felt about hiding Elsa’s powers from Anna.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee shared this moment with fans in the deleted scenes category that will be available after the films digital release (February 11th) and DVD/Blu-Ray release (February 25th). Lee discusses how in early adaptions of the film, Anna was struggling with why her parents shut her out of Elsa’s life and never trusted her with the knowledge of her powers. The reason is truly heartbreaking and the moment is bittersweet having never been able to play out in the movie or the story so far… (We are getting major “Frozen III” vibes based on the way the directors discussed this scene.)

Check out the deleted scene for yourself and see why Elsa and Anna’s parents kept Elsa’s powers hidden from Anna:

We currently do not know why the scene was deleted, but likely this is an avenue the studio wants to further explore and it would have taken away from the track of the story featured in the film. We hope to see that exploration in another Frozen film sometime in the future.

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