Learn How to Create a Pollinator Garden for Your Home

Pollinator Garden

Environmental conservation is important to the future of Earth. For example, beetles, bees, and butterflies are pollinators that help pollinate plants and flowers. In fact, they help pollinate more than 75 percent of the world’s crops. However, these pollinators are dying off due to habit loss. To help save these pollinators and protect our plant life, it’s vital to create pollinator-friendly gardens.

Disney Conservation Manager Dr. Zak Gezon is one of the pollinator garden caretakers at Disney’s Animal Sciences and Environment team. To help promote Earth Day to families who staying home due to the pandemic, Dr. Zak Gezon provided tips on how to make pollinator-friendly gardens at home.

You can follow the DIY steps to create your own pollinator garden at home.

  1. Fill you pot with soil
  2. Remove the pollinator-friendly plants or seeds from their container or package. Native plants are best for wherever you live.
  3. Create a well in the pot’s soil to make room for the plants or seeds.
  4. Time to fill up the flower pot! Keep track of what you’re planting. You will want to put the tallest flowers in back. You add smaller plants as you go out towards the walls of the pot.
  5. That’s it! Now you can enjoy your plants and watch pollinators visit your garden.

It’s a simple project for families to do at home. Will you try planting your own pollinator garden at home?

Source: Disney


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