Making MIckey Mouse Planters at Home

Mickey Mouse

Feeling creative? You can recycle and reuse some simple household items to create Mickey Mouse planters at home! It’s a fun DIY project to add some Disney flair to your personal garden. We will be using tin cans and basic art supplies to construct these Mickey Mouse planters. The list of supplies and directions to make these planters are listed below:


Tin cans

Painter’s tape


Acrylic white paint and colors of your choice.

Paint daubers

Paint brush



Measuring Tape



Plants (succulent plants are used in this example).


First, you’ll need to puncture small holes on the bottom of the cans. Use a hammer and nail to carefully make three small holes in each can. Keep the can securely held down so it doesn’t slip on you.

If there are any sharp edges on the tin cans, then use tape to cover the edges. Use the white paint to cover the whole can. Allow it to dry and paint additional white layers until it looks like a solid white can.

You can use painter’s tape to make colorful bands at the top and/or bottom of the cans. You will use a pencil to gently outline Mickey Mouse shaped heads around the can. Use a ruler to help you determine the size. The circle of the Mickey Mouse head is generally 1 inch in size and the two ears are slightly smaller. Also, you’ll want at least 2 inches of space between Mickey Mouse heads.

Use foam daubers to paint the Mickey Mouse heads. It’s recommended to use a 3/4-inch dauber for the head and a 1/2-inch dauber for the ears. Allow it to dry when you’re done painting.

Finally, you can fill it with your plant and soil. Fill up the planter with topsoil and a small succulent plant. Add a thin layer of topsoil and gravel on top of the plant.

Now it’s complete! You can relax and put your decorative Mickey Mouse planter anywhere you like in your home.

Source: Family Disney


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Kevin Koszola