Could a Vaccine Passport be required to travel in the future?

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Right now an order making masks and quarantine mandatory for International Travelers is in place but could a Vaccine Passport or Digita Pass be the next step to traveling in the future?

Recently one of President Biden’s executive orders is asking government agencies to “assess the feasibility” of linking coronavirus vaccine certificates with other vaccination documents and producing digital versions of them according to the NY Times.

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Already some European countries like Denmark and Airlines are suggesting the use of vaccine passports or travel pass to travel.

Some airlines will start using a digital travel pass, developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), to help passengers manage their travel plans and provide airlines and governments documentation that they have been vaccinated or tested for Covid-19.

Presently The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is partnering with the government of the Republic of Panama and Copa Airlines to trial IATA Travel Pass – a mobile app to help passengers easily and securely manage their travel in line with government requirements for COVID-19 testing or vaccine information.

“The IATA Travel Pass is gaining momentum. This trial, the first in the Americas, will provide valuable input and feedback to improve the Travel Pass program. This is an important step in enabling international travel during the pandemic, giving people the confidence that they are meeting all COVID-19 entry requirements by governments.

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In addition to checking travel requirements, IATA Travel Pass will also include a registry of testing and eventually vaccination centers – making it more convenient for passengers to find testing centers and labs at their departure location which meet the standards for testing and vaccination requirements of their destination.

The platform will also enable authorized labs and test centers to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers. This will manage and allow the secure flow of necessary information amongst all stakeholders and to provide a seamless passenger experience.

In addition to I.A.T.A., IBM has been developing its own Digital Health Pass that would enable individuals to present proof of vaccination or a negative test to gain access to a public location, such as a sports stadium, airplane, university or workplace.

So does this mean a type of Vaccine Passport or Digital Travel Pass will be required to travel? Only time will tell…

Source IATANY Times / IBM