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  1. 12


    When you add in the extras that the Carny Cruise charges for, that are included in the cruise price for DCL, they actually come out pretty much even in terms of price.

  2. 11


    Disney needs to realize the value of customers in the Central / South Central US and keep a Disney ship in rotation in Galveston, TX at least part of each year. We don’t want to fly to FL for a Disney cruise. Also, send a big, new ship here once in a while. Carnival Cruise lines has a monopoly on the cruise business here, with other lines coming in and out a few months each year. The passengers and the money are here for the cruise industry. While Disney is great (and in its own league with the Disney experience), they are higher priced than comparable cruise lines, and they are not here in the summer, when people with kids would be more apt to cruise. Nearby Houston, the 4th largest city in the US, is really in need of quality, big scale family entertainment. I hope the Disney execs making decisions don’t let us down.

  3. 10


    Very clever with the Disney Legacy! I love it!

  4. 9


    more pools, who ever thought that it would be ok to double to passengers on the new ships but still have the same number of pools and size if pools as the old ships was not thinking.

  5. 8


    I’d like to see less people more activities. Maybe more hot tubs.
    More enforcement of no kids in adult areas. Maybe a key to get into adult
    Areas like kids have for their area!!

  6. 7

    Myke Mansberger

    More adult-exclusive areas would be nice for the 2 new ships and for the renovations on the old ships. I vacation at WDW at DCL frequently but don’t have kids, just big-kid friends and family. We’re kidless but love the Disney brand and high standards – and the magic, of course!

    Sailing on Fantasy this June, can’t wait!

  7. 6


    Smaller is better. The Fantasy was just too big as in number of guests. It got a bit too crowded on lines for character greets and the elevators after events. We felt like we had to”beat the crowd” to shows and such and therefore lost time by being early.

  8. 5


    I want them to be cheaper!

  9. 4

    Eric E. Wilson

    less passenger, more public area around the pools.

  10. 3


    West Coast. West Coast. West Coast. And I mean SoCal, home of, oh, you know…Disneyland? The place where Walt lived? Where he built his studio? Yeah, that place. Call it the Disney Legacy.

  11. 2


    Would love to see more ships as long as they keep up the quality of service.

  12. 1


    Would love it if they sailed out of a port in the northeast, like New York, Boston, or Baltimore! Might be able to swing one if I didn’t have to also include airfare in the budget!

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