Kingdom Keepers Dark Passage review

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In Kingdom Keepers VI Dark Passage By Ridley Pearson the five keepers Finn.Willa,Charlene,Maybeck and Philby must fight against the tide to stop the evil Maleficent from resurrecting Walt Disney’s most evil creation Chernabog.

With the help of two very special girls Jess and Amanda and some new friends Storey and Mattie they must save the parks from the overtakers. Taking place on the aboard the magical Disney Cruise Lines and ports such as Aruba and Mexico. This is the sixth book in the series Kingdom Keepers all of the books take place in various places having to do with Disney and it’s characters.

The book starts out where the last one left off Finn and Willa stuck overboard the ship trying to get back to the ships deck. With the help of King Triton the two successfully rejoin the cruise but the fun has only just begun. This book has a couple vast differences from the prior ones particularly the level of gore in the content. Don’t be worried nothing to gruesome but the stakes are definitely higher than ever before. I would say that anyone over the age of 11 or so could definitely read and enjoy this book.  Maleficent makes a lot more in the flesh appearances in this book which also contributes to the seriousness of the book and makes it a little less light and fluffy of a story. What i love about the characters is their realness and my ability to relate to them.  They are all only teenagers after all they do go through the same things all us teenagers do confusion and crushes although i don’t know of any teenagers having to dodge fireballs and magical spells…..

The first port the characters get to is Aruba where they explore the caves for what reason I’m not telling you’ll just have to read it. Nonetheless it’s power packed and definitely a trip to remember. After Aruba we go to the zip lines of Costa Rica which is one of my favorite part of this book. Another thing i loved was that the girls had as much action scenes as the boys which doesn’t always happen in books and can be really frustrating to read so kudos to you Mr. Pearson! Another interesting thing was the point of view changes i loved how we had both sides not just the good but the bad as well and the confusing.

History becomes a big factor in this book from Greek Mythology to the symbols of the ancient Mayans language. Of course you don’t have to know all about it for the book to make sense it has great descriptions and even illustrations to help it tie in seamlessly with the rest of the story. Be on the lookout for more Amanda in this book and a little less Jess which was different than i expected but in a good way. The newest character Mattie makes more of an appearance as well which i was very happy about because i really like her and she was more fleshed out in this book. Another thing i was grateful for was less Storey Ming as a character i just don’t really like her much although i do love her unique name! Maybeck was very amusing in this book one of my favorite lines of his was when he referred to Finn and Philby as “My boys” i think i laughed for a good five minutes at that one.

The ending of the book is power packed and definitely a game changer for the keepers. All through out the book there are little hints from Maleficent’s talk of the children never getting to reach their own said dark passage to warnings from some unexpected people…   Sadly the warnings come true and something horrible happens to one of my favorite characters.  Of course all of our main characters make it through till the end but if you want to know who doesn’t you’ll just have to read and find out the way it happens is a real shocker! I think the most important thing to take away from this book is that if you don’t take a chance you don’t have a chance.   Overall this book is amazing and gets an A+ from me it really sets up for the final book which you can find in stores this time next year. Ridley Pearson keep it up!!

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