Cinderella Castle gets a royal makeover

Cinderella Castle

Today, we take a tour of Cinderella Castle now that its magical makeover is complete!

Cinderella Castle’s royal makeover at Walt Disney World has been in the works since March and the new paint job looks absolutely stunning! The magical makeover was in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the Disney princess classic, ‘Cinderella.’ The royal blue spires and rose gold paint on the inner curtain makes the castle look much more vibrant.

The new castle redesign features a bolder blue color on the spires and gold accents on top. The inner curtain of the castle also features a new pink hue to help bring new color to the castle.

The moat has been empty since March due to construction work on Cinderella Castle. Disney had it empty so they could both work on the walkway and for the magical makeover of Cinderella Castle. Of course, it certainly looks more aesthetic to see water again. We enjoy seeing the castle reflecting in the water, plus it makes photos look more enchanting. Let’s not forget the ducks! Visitors love seeing the ducks roam about Magic Kingdom, so it’s nice to see them return to moat.

What do you think of the new castle design? It’s better to see in person because the view is quite majestic. It will be grand for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Take a look for yourself the next time you visit Magic Kingdom. It’s looking fantastic to see Cinderella Castle’s magical redesign with the moat refilled!

Credit: Disney

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Kevin Koszola