New Baby Yoda Available at Hollywood Studios

This adorable Baby Yoda plush doll has been spotted in Hollywood Studios! He can be found throughout Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge, but we found him in one of the small shops in the Batuu Market. His tiny stature (a little bigger than the size of your hand) makes you feel like you are holding The Child himself. His outfit is true to form as well. He dons a sued-like robe with a thick, soft collar and cuff ensuring his comfort on the warmest day or coldest night on Batuu. The iconic pointy ears and big, lovable eyes are most prominent and make this plush irresistible. He can be yours for $22.99!

The Child, or ‘Baby Yoda’, won the hearts of every Star Wars fan in season one of The Mandalorian. All indications that a much anticipated season two of the hit series will stream on Disney+ as soon as this fall. We are all eager to continue following the journey of Baby Yoda and Mando! Don’t you think this Baby Yoda doll should be part of your watch party for the season two premiere?

The popularity of The Mandalorian and it’s many characters will likely continue to grow. Among all of the Mandalorian merch, Baby Yoda themed items are always quite popular. This cute plush doll is no exception! We are excited to see what new merchandise lands on the planet!

Who is your favorite Mandalorian character?

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Paul Coffin