CEO Bob Iger Shares Star Wars Rogue One News


In yesterday’s article we mentioned CEO Bob Iger’s confirmation that production has begun on Star Wars Episode VIII and Episode IX.  Mr. Iger also shared the following information about the Star Wars franchise during the Walt Disney Corporate Earnings Meeting on Wednesday.


Along with the confirmation about the start of filming, Mr. Iger restated the move of release date for Episode VIII to December.  Previously scheduled for May 2016 the change called for speculation among the social media with concerns over changes to other previously reported dates.


However, talk of the stand alone films included confirmation that as of this moment, the yet untitled but dubbed Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story is still set for the May 2018 theater release date.   Confirmation of the near completion of Rogue One and the start of pre-production of the next film indicate that Star Wars films will remain on track as previously announced.


A few minor changes in release dates may occur but have no fear, Star Wars fans, overall we have Star Wars films scheduled for years to come.

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