Should You Buy the Refillable Mugs at Disney World?

Green Rapid Fill Mug

My family used to wrestle with the question – should we buy the refillable mugs?  If you are on any of the Disney Dining Plans, the answer is an easy “no” because the mugs are already included in your dining package price.  For those of us who do not purchase the dining plan, then evaluating the refillable mug purchase is worth consideration.   The refillable mugs are purchased at your Disney resort and offer free refills of coffee, pop, tea, or hot chocolate.  The refillable mugs can be purchased for length of stay ($17.99), 1 day ($8.99), 2 days ($11.99), or 3 days ($14.99) and can be refilled at resort self-service beverage locations.  Now that the mugs have RFID chips in them, they are set to expire at midnight the last day of whatever length you purchased.

The value of the refillable mug comes down to how you vacation while you are at Disney.  Many families also consider the refillable mug itself to be a souvenir.  If your family falls into that category, remember to factor in that value when you are figuring out whether you should purchase the refillable mug.  When thinking about your Disney vacation, consider how much time is spent at your resort and how often you would be purchasing a drink at the resort’s self-service beverage location(s).  You can then use that number of drinks to figure out whether the mug price is a good value by multiplying the number of drinks you will be getting at your resort and comparing it against the cost of the refillable mug.  If you break even or the cost is more than the price of the refillable mug, then purchase the mug.  If the cost of the mug is more, then you need to consider how much value the mug brings you as a souvenir and if the answer is not much, then perhaps purchasing the mug is not the best investment.

What did you decide?  Should you buy the refillable mug?  What other factors do you consider when trying to decide?

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