Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for long Refurbishment


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is making a halt on April 4, 2016 for a big refurbishment. In an effort to give you a better Old West experience, it is scheduled to close for about 4 months and due to reopen July 16, 2016.

The last major refurbishment on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was in 2012. It’s always a slight bummer when one of our favorite rides takes a little break for a makeover, but next time you come back you will make it a must do to check it out! Remember to take note of this and other refurbishments when you plan on coming to Disney to avoid any less than magical moments!

Here is our current Disney Refurbishments for January:

Hoping you enjoy your next vacation and  have a Magical time!

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3 thoughts on “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for long Refurbishment

  1. I remember when Disneyland shut this down for over 14 months not too long ago when the overhaul and major refurb took a lot longer than expected. I was there for the soft re-open, got a pass but was unable to stick around…(we had to drive 8 hours home!).

    But, just a gentle reminder, always list the park the ride is associated with, especially when the attractions exist in more than one location.

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