Best Things I Love About Disney…Morocco Pavilion

The Morocco Pavilion seems to attract less attention than a lot of the others. It’s a shame because it is one of the most intricate and beautiful pavilions in all of the World Showcase. Also, the United States has a very long history with the country of Morocco in that it was the first country in the world to acknowledge the fledgling United States as a country. If you look on the wall in the waiting area of Restaurant Marrakesh you will see a letter from the King of Morocco to President George Washington (of course it’s not the original that item is priceless).

The King of Morocco actually sent his Royal Architect and a group of Moroccan artists to Walt Disney World for the construction of the pavilion to make sure everything was as authentic as it could be. As a result, the mosaic work throughout the pavilion is both beautiful and striking as well as being truly authentic. As wonderful as everything appears in the artwork though, it is definitely not perfect. The Muslim faith teaches that perfection comes only from Allah so the artists purposely include flaws in their work to keep with the tenets of their faith. The flaws are small and do not detract from the beauty of the artwork in any way.

There are two fine restaurants located here. Restaurant Marrakesh is a table service (1 dining plan credit) restaurant with excellent food, authentic entertainment (g-rated), and some of the friendliest and caring Cast Members in all of Walt Disney World. The Tangierine Cafe is a counter service restaurant that is way above the usual as far as variety and quality. Please don’t be afraid of Moroccan food, it is not “scary” exotic but instead is wonderfully spiced and delicious. There are also booths out in front of the pavilion where you can get some delicious mint tea.

I could probably go on for pages about the wonders of this pavilion but, instead, I will just ask you not to walk by but go ahead and spend some time there. Don’t just walk up and down the streets but go into the buildings and look around at the detail and beauty of the artwork. Enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World.


Photo by Disney

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