Beauty and the Beast says Wear a Mask in this parody video

Beauty and the Beast

There’s a new parody video featuring the beloved characters of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. A Disney fan took the music clip of “Be Our Guest” and modified it to include new lyrics. The music video covers the classic song with Lumiere singing to the lyrics of “Wear A Mask.”

So far, the viral video has been a huge sensation among Disney fans! You can watch the YouTube video in the link below. However, we do warn that there’s some language in there since it’s meant as a humorous video.

What do you think of the video? It’s a parody song that advocates wearing a mask in public to help promote health and safety. The message is meant to be both humorous and serve as a public service announcement for general well-being. Wearing a mask does help us during this pandemic and the video helps to spread that safety message.

Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorite Disney films, so we enjoy the talent behind the creation of new lyrics fitting to the song.

Credit: Noah Lindquist on YouTube

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