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  1. 97

    Sophie Harding

    Thank you so much – I can’t believe I’ve won! I’m so excited! I’ll email you straight away!

  2. 96


    Congrats Sophie you are our winner! Please email me your address and I will get your prize out to you!

  3. 95

    Katie O'Brien

    I don’t know why I wasn’t following you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before- but I am now!! (Katie O’Brien on FB, ObiWanKatoby on Twitter, and therealkatoby on Instagram)

  4. 94

    Lyndsey Aaron

    I would love to win! I really enjoyed the movie! I follow on FB, Instagram (@bookclubwithbite), Twitter (@lyndseymarie127), and Pinterest (Lyndsey Aaron)

  5. 93

    Missy slighter

    Following on Instagram and Twitter.

  6. 92

    David Clausi

    I loved the new Beauty and the Beast movie! It was great! I recommend seeing it! I did all the tasks to enter the contest for the cup! I want to win one for my girls.

  7. 91


    I follow on pinterest, facebook and instagram. We love this cup!

  8. 90

    Kate F.

    I’d love to win that cup – it’s so cute!

  9. 89


    I followed on instagram! Ros.writing

  10. 88

    Tom Baldridge

    I hope I win! Me and my girlfriend were there a month ago but they didn’t start selling them 😖

  11. 87

    Maria priest

    Loved beauty and the beast. 3D was awesome. They did a great job doing this film can’t wait to see it again. Love seeing your post in face book

  12. 86


    Those rose cups are so cute.
    Follower on Facebook, Pinterest and subscriber!

  13. 85

    Nicky B

    loved the movie, it had a great cast

  14. 84

    Anne McAllister

    I loved the movie. I also have been following you on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for awhile now. I am a big fan of yours. I love everything you share with all of us. Good luck everyone that is entering the contest to win the cup.

  15. 83

    Jenna Nelson

    LOVED the new Beauty and the beast movie.
    I follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

  16. 82

    Marybelle Doe

    Instagram and LOVED the movie! Great cast!

  17. 81

    Jessica Orlando

    Who am I kidding I would love to win this for ME! Boy mama over here 🙂

  18. 80

    Kari Uthus

    Love Beauty and the Beast and would love to get one the the enchanted rose cups. Followed you on Pinterest and Instagram. Liked, followed, commented and shared Facebook post. Shared to Facebook and pinterest.

  19. 79


    We love Chip & Co!

  20. 78


    I just started following you on Instagram as well.

  21. 77


    Just want to say I have followed the page hope I win this cup going to Disney world in May and I know I won’t be able to get it unfortunately.

  22. 76


    Hopefully they stock more for May!

  23. 75


    This is my favorite Disney movie. I would love to get one of these cups!

  24. 74

    Desiree Gonzales

    Love what you post, I always enjoy seeing it on my feed. I’ve liked your Facebook page for awhile and I followed you on instagram and Pinterest! 🙂 I’d love the cup I just got married March 3rd and we had a Disney theme wedding and my wedding dress was inspired by Belle’s dress ❤

  25. 73


    I would love ❤️ to win this for my daughter

  26. 72


    Just followed on Twitter, also followed on Facebook to see all your post firsts 😊

  27. 71


    Such a beautiful cup!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. 70

    Shannon Court

    Followed you on Twitter and Instagram. I seen the new Beauty and the Beast Saturday and I loved it ❤

  29. 69

    Josephine Crabtree

    Followed you on Twitter.
    Saw the movie and it was AWESOME

  30. 68

    Stephanie Johnson

    I’d love to add this to my collection

  31. 67


    I absolutely love this cup!

  32. 66

    Brittany Bell

    Just followed on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and shared the post!

  33. 65

    Sophie Harding

    I absolutely adored the new BatB – it was incredible and such a magical, moving experience. I’m following you on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (and I’ve shared it on all, but Instagram)! Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway!

  34. 64


    Love this!! Love you guys! I enjoy following your fb page! 🙂

  35. 63

    Amanda Marin

    Shared on Pinterest, and followed on the Facebook page, Pinterest, and Instagram! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  36. 62

    Maria Malaveci

    Following on both Instagram, FB and Pinterest! Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! I would absolutely love to own this cup! I loved the movie so much! mmalavec(at)med(dot)umich(dot)edu

  37. 61


    hey love beauty and the best followed on Facebook Alyssa Marie instagram aly rei twitter camila5hfairy and pinterest Alyssa Reid

  38. 60


    This is my comment… I really want the cup!!!

  39. 59

    Melinda Shaw

    Liked and followed!

  40. 58

    Jennifer Rannings

    I’ve updated my settings to show you first in my newsfeed, and now follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!
    Hoping to get to see the movie this weekend.

  41. 57


    The movie was absolutely amazing!

  42. 56


    Taking my niece this week to see it! Can’t wait!!!!

  43. 55

    Ashley Duffield Brenning

    The new Beauty and the Beast was phenomenal! I’m hoping I get the chance to see it in theaters again. Followed your Pinterest and Instagram!! 😆

  44. 54

    Erin Dicola

    Liked and shared! Followed in Pinterest and Instagram!

  45. 53


    Looooved the new Beauty and the Beast! Saw it opening night 😀

  46. 52


    Hello there. Loved the movie. Just added Instagram page. Already had Facebook added.

  47. 51


    Following on twitter and Instagram 🙂

  48. 50


    Following on Pinterest

  49. 49


    This is amazing!!

  50. 48

    Theresa Tobin Heppner

    Shared this. Follow on Facebook. And I loved the movie

  51. 47

    Jennifer Sandorf Belonsoff

    already follow on Facebook! Thanks, this cup is really cute.

  52. 46

    Lula Sweary

    I love your site! You are my daily World news source 😆 Loved the movie!

  53. 45

    Michelle Newman

    Following on instagram!!

  54. 44

    Erin Marie

    I already follow on Facebook (and see everything you post first) and now I’m following on Twitter and Pinterest. I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it!! I can’t wait to see it again!

  55. 43

    Sarah LaFramboise

    Ahh! I would do anything for one of those!!! I follow on Instagram and Facebook.

  56. 42


    Haven’t seen the new movie yet since I was in a wedding this weekend but I would love to win this cup. My friend is a MASSIVE Beauty and the Beast fan and it would be an awesome birthday gift from one Disney fan to another!

  57. 41

    Amanda d

    Loved the new movie!! Wish they would have talked about Maurice a little more!

  58. 40


    Would love to win! Saw the movie on Thursday night and it was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see it again on Tuesday

  59. 39

    Derinda Fair Trobaugh

    Great giveaway! Would love to win!

  60. 38

    Jen w

    I Follow on Facebook twitter and instagram

  61. 37


    Am in love with this page am so happy that I love disney and princess 😍💍

  62. 36

    Heidi Daily

    I follow on facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest.

  63. 35

    Jeana Whitesel

    Sorry the anonymous one was me

  64. 34


    Following on instagram and Facebook, twitter! Shared and liked on all of the above! I’ve seen it twice already and I want to see it again!

  65. 33

    Dawn LaForce

    Added on Instagram and twitter. Also fixed my Facebook page to show your posts first. Thanks for showing that because I had no clue that option was even there. Can’t wait to see the movie this week!!

  66. 32


    Just added you Instagram! I saw the movie and loved it! I would love one of these cups!

  67. 31

    Wendy Heath

    I want one of these so bad; and I could not be more excited to see this movie!

  68. 30


    I’m so excited for this contest!! #beautyandthebeastfan

  69. 29


    Definitely need this cup!

  70. 28

    Sarah Cozby

    Love Chip and Co follow you on Instsgram & Facebook.

  71. 27


    Love Chip and Co! Loved the new movie! And would love to win!!!!

  72. 26


    This is awesome!

  73. 25


    I can’t wait to see the movie this week!!!

  74. 24

    Mary Geib

    The movie was outstanding! My son was just in a middle school production of the play, so we are obsessed with Beauty & The Beast!

  75. 23


    This is so exciting! Love your site. All the information is so helpful and it’s just fun to keep up with all things Disney! I have followed you on Pinterest and on FB!

  76. 22

    Karlise Guzman

    Following on Facebook and Twitter! Can’t wait to see this movie.

  77. 21


    Thank you for the opportunity. The movie was ok. All steps completed. The cup is so cute.

  78. 20

    Kori ortega

    Shared on Twitter as k_ortega28 . Followed on Twitter and ig @kortega28. Liked and followed Facebook. Shared on my Facebook.
    I watched b&b yesterday, i loved it!!

  79. 19

    Tory Bright

    Thank you so much for doing this amazing giveaway. I’m such a fan of Beauty and the Beast and I was heartbroken when I wasn’t able to get a Rose cup! I’ve started following you on Twitter and I already follow on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram! Loved the new film. I’ve seen it twice and hopefully will see it two more times this week! Good luck to everyone else out there!

  80. 18


    I saw the movie on opening night! I cried so much! It made me so happy, and the attention to detail done by every artist, is so amazing! I’ve liked shared & commented, & followed!

  81. 17


    That cup is so cute. 😊

  82. 16

    Denise Powell

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I certainly will…looking forward to it. I follow on instagram and twitter, too. Always good stuff on Disney!

  83. 15

    Amanda Courtney

    This is so awesome!!! I always enjoy the current news about Disney brought to me daily by Chip and Co. It is the first source i check when i have questions about anything Disney related.

  84. 14

    Janella Mazzocca

    Love you guys!!

  85. 13

    Gloria Walko

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing this movie 🙂

  86. 12

    Anna Hallock

    Love the rose cup!

  87. 11


    The new Beauty and the Beast was amazing! I’m trying to get ahold of this cup for my bff who is the BIGGEST Beauty and the Beast fan there is!!!

  88. 10

    Lesha Pace

    Following on all social media, shared and saw the movie yesterday! Let’s just say I’ll be going to see it again! It was soooo good!

  89. 9

    Melissa R

    Already following on Facebook going to follow in Instagram.

  90. 8


    I loved the new Beauty and the Beast! Just went to see it yesterday and I cried so many happy tears ❤

  91. 7

    Jenna Poole

    Done and done and done

  92. 6


    Done, Done, Done and Done. The movie was AWESOME!!

  93. 5

    Heather Bledsoe

    I followed on all platforms! I haven’t watched Beauty and the Beast movie yet, but it looks amazing and I hope I get to watch it soon!

  94. 4


    Already follow on Facebook. Added instagram.

  95. 3

    Shaundra Lunsford

    Just followed on Instagram, wondered who I was missing on there!

  96. 2

    Patricia Connor

    Already follow on Facebook. Just added instagram and twitter

  97. 1


    Hey! I LOVED the new Beauty and the Beast, through cast was great, eespecially loved the Beast. I followed you on Instagram and Pinterest, too!

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