Baby Boy Rhino at Animal Kingdom Finally Has a Name

Last fall, Disney’s Animal Kingdom revealed a bouncing baby boy rhino was born to mom Kendi. To date, the little guy hadn’t had name revealed to the public. Until now! Today, it was revealed his name is  RANGER!

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The pregnancy and birth of this little boy was featured on the Disney+ original series “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” produced by National Geographic.

The keeper team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom wanted to make sure this precious baby boy had a name with special significance. His name had to honor the wildlife rangers who protect rhinos around the world. Rhinos are the world’s second-largest land animal and among the most endangered animals in the wild due to poaching.

Ranger’s name is just another way Disney has joined the Disney Conservation Fund in efforts to support rhino conservation. Did you know they have given more than 75 grants and awards to rhino protection projects? Most recently, they gave a rhino ranger, Sgt. Mutinda Ndivo with the Big Life Foundation, a Disney Conservation Hero award for his work to protect rhinos and other wildlife in more than 1.6 million acres of wilderness in East Africa.

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