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  1. 6


    Impersonal, not magical, no interactions and cant be sure you got a photo with eyes open? Not worth the stop…sad money grab

  2. 5


    Disney is slowly turning into a computerized profit machine. No care for personal service anymore.
    Universal is gaining quick.

  3. 4


    I would much rather have an actual cast member. Especially if I’m going to pay that much money for a memory maker. And especially with Mickey! This is awful! Like Amanda ^ is there any way to email Disney?? Maybe enough people complained they may reconsider???

  4. 3

    Terry Blair

    I like the interaction with a real live photographer. We’re getting away from real interaction with people. Not a good sign and definitely not magical.

  5. 2

    Tom Davenport

    Can the automated cameras capture the moments like you have in picture “Mickey 4”, or do people even care about those interaction photos?

  6. 1


    Can you post the email in your fb post for people to write Disney on behalf of the photopass photographers? This is awful.

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