Court records show at least 115 guest injury reports on Punga Racers at Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay

At least 115 injury reports have been made involving a water slide at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay, according to court records filed in a lawsuit by a tourist who says he was left paralyzed after going on the ride.

The report indicates how guests suffered a variety of injuries. The milder cases report scrapes and nosebleeds on Punga Racer, while other injuries were more severe. For instance, a few incidents  involving a concussion or neck whiplash, as people rode head-first on mats. Those who visit Punga Racer go down four flumes on mars into catch pools. In addition, two ride safety testers were injured as well.

The Punga Racers water slide opened at Universal’s Volcano Bay in 2017. Universal spokesman Tom Schroder says 1.5 million visitors have gone on the water slide since it opened.

Under Florida law, large theme parks are only required to report to the state ride injuries where visitors are hospitalized for at least 24 hours. Only one reported injury, New York tourist James Bowen, met that criteria.

“When there is an injury of any kind, we immediately begin an investigation and review,” Schroder said. “We are confident in our process and in the safety of our rides.”

Bowen’s attorney said last April during a court hearing that Universal could have foreseen the risk of injuries since a test rider was injured in the exact same way.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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Kevin Koszola