Artist Draws Baby Yoda as Disney Princesses

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Baby Yoda Princess Mulan

Rising in popularity faster than any character in recent memory, Baby Yoda has become a cultural phenomenon. Suddenly, anyone who doesn’t have Disney+, the streaming service that is home to The Mandalorian, is getting a serious case of FOMO. Baby Yoda has spawned memes, T-shirts, stickers, and tumblers; he’s been the star of many GIF-exclusive conversations, and let’s face it, just about everybody is obsessed with him, even more so than the titular Mandalorian.

In case you still doubt the popularity of Baby Yoda, artist and BuzzFeed Senior Editor Crystal Ro has seen fit to immortalize him as a Disney Princess. Wait, strike that. He is now immortalized as almost every Disney Princess and we have the artwork to prove it. Enjoy the hilarity (and cuteness) of Princess Baby Yoda!

Baby Yoda Mulan wonders when his reflection will show who he is inside (above).

Baby Yoda Ariel actually looks like a character we might see on Star Wars.

Baby Yoda Snow White has switched from frogs to apples. Still not that edible though.

Baby Yoda Pocahontas follows the spinning arrow straight to adventure!

Baby Yoda Tiana is dangerously close to Prince Naveen. Hopefully, he’s not too hungry.

Baby Yoda Aurora is finally getting that well-deserved nap.

Baby Yoda Jasmine is not a prize to be won!

Baby Yoda Belle is part beauty and part beast. But mostly cute.

And Baby Yoda Cinderella will certainly be the hit of the ball!

We love the humor and creativity in these pieces. Hopefully, they will also serve to inspire other artists to use Baby Yoda in their own artwork!

Photos courtesy of Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

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