Arendelle Aqua Punch is a Summer Treat at Disney Springs

Arendelle Aqua Punch

Are you ready to head ”Into the Unknown”? If you don’t know already, we’re talking about a drink that would satisfy Queen Elsa herself: Arendelle Aqua Punch! This drink is available at The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs, so whether you are in the mood for some fries or just looking to cool down, this is a great time to stop over! 

The beverage is an adults-only alcoholic cocktail, so don’t get your kids too excited about the pretty new Elsa drink (think Olaf’s ”When I’m older”). It’s filled with Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curaçao, and fresh fruit juices. The taste is very light overall, almost like a flavored lemonade, and it is very fruity! It’s not overly sweet, nor does it taste heavily of alcohol. The abundance of ice makes it a great choice for cocktail-lovers who also want a reprieve from Orlando’s summer heat (”Some Things Never Change”). Olaf would approve.

The most fun part about this drink may just be the marble effect that it has. Though tricky to catch in photographs, the Arendelle Aqua Punch is shiny like a calming bottle and the color is bright blue, giving the impression that it mimics Elsa’s famous dress. This is definitely one for your Instagram account!

The drink costs $13 before tax and is a great icy treat for anyone over 21. Head on over to Disney Springs and enjoy responsibly!

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