Are New Monorails On Their Way to Walt Disney World?

It isn’t news to any Walt Disney World park-goer that the current monorails have been around for a while. Yes, a couple of the current Mark VI monorails, built by Bombardier, have been refurbished, but they need much more than some stronger AC and movie decals slapped on the side.

According to the Orlando Weekly, rumors have been going around for a while about new fleet of monorails being added in. However, nothing has been confirmed…until now. Retired Imagineer Bob Gurr commented that, “there are new contracts underway for new monorails.”

With the release of Bombardier’s latest quarterly earnings report, there are indications of a new big client, with plenty of money to replace the current monorails. It is a big possibility that Walt Disney World is this client!

We can only hope that the age of the run-down and constantly getting stuck monorails is over and that a more reliable version will soon be available.

Photo source Orlando Weekly.

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