Angry wife riding Splash Mountain alone


Normally when people are at the Happiest place on Earth they are all smiles and happiness, expect one woman! Jordan Alexander was at Magic Kingdom with her husband, Steven when, even after endless promises to ride, he refused to go down Splash Mountain. So Jordan rode by herself and that’s when it happen.

“I thought it would kind of be funny if my husband had a memento of how mad he made me,” she said. “I practiced my face the whole ride. I wanted to get it right but I didn’t have a mirror, so I just had to frown my brow, make a face, and just hope for the best.”

So Jordan rode down the giant drop on splash mountain with the unhappiest face ever seen as the camera caught it!

They say humor like this ride is what has kept their marriage strong through the harder times.


photo credit Jordan & Steven Alexander

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