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    My sanity is to take at least some time like a morning, if not a day, to simply walk in with the intention of not having to get to a list of must do attractions. I love going to MK and watching things happen like the impromptu trolley shows on Main St, the Dapper Dans, taking a train ride and biewing he a gets of the park, talking to characters, etc. At Studios, there is nothing better for me than to watch the Citizens of Hollywood and their street skits and interacting with them. They are so fun! The World Showcase shows are also amazing at Epcot and I love the shopping at AK. Getting time to so these things makes me far less tired and they keep the parks a more magical place for me.

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    Mary LaPointe

    I like to take advantage of the early start and occasional late nights and return to my resort mid day to eat lunch and rest pool side for a while. Beating the heat and high traffic times in the parks is a great plan. The water parks are great for rain days but only if there is no sign of lightening. I mean you are there to get wet anyway, right? I also like Epcot for rain the rides are all indoors and short jaunts between them are fine even in gale force winds.

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    Evy Dufoor

    Thank you for the tips. I have planned our first WDW from dining till sleeping;-) and I am kinda stressed out about the hubby who doesn’t realise what you have to plan before enjoying the fun 😉 he will be overwhelmed but it will be worth everything 😉 looking forward to it!

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