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    So this is not available for only veterans!?

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    Rich Dailey

    There are 5 branches of the military. The 3rd oldest branch is the US Coast Guard. Why do you have to “include” it like we’re NOAA or Volunteer Corp, or Peace Corp? Lastly, i appreciate the discount but Mr or Mrs Active Duty E5 with 2 kids can’t afford 1000 dollars for Disney like a Senior Enlisted or Officer may. Please tier the cost by rank and make it more affordable for junior enlisted.

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    Cynthia Boyd

    My husband is also a veteran that was medically discharged and could not continue until retirement. I hope you consider those t ht at served and are veterans as well as active and retired.

  6. 2

    Jan parsons

    Shame on Disney for not considering veterans…my husband served during the Viet nam war and was honorably discharged. While I am glad you are generously giving active and retired military members a discount, you have left out veterans who served this country during a very trumulterous time in our country. I ask you to add veterans to your list of military discounts.

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