Zika virus confirmed in Southern Florida

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Many people have asked us about traveling to Disney World & Universal Studios recently. Most of their questions revolve around the Zika virus. We have done a little bit of research and found out this information. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to travel to Florida to visit your favorite theme parks, honestly I think you are pretty safe considering the Orlando theme parks are in Central and not Southern Florida.

Here are some of the things we have found out.

Mosquitoes that have likely spread the Zika virus into the United States were found to have originated in South Florida according to an announcement made recently.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is concerned about tourism and people are worried to travel to Florida.

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden of the U.S. Centers for Disease control said the mosquitos were found in Miami, and currently there are no restrictions in place for travelling to Southern Florida. He also had this to say:

“There are likely to be isolated cases in the United States, and there may be occasional clusters in the South of Florida, at this time we don’t expect widespread transmission.”

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs said that the Orlando theme parks, which are in Central Florida have some of the best mosquito protection available.

For more information about the Zika Virus click here to visit the CDC website.

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  1. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? I’m going a week from today and i’m not going to be a part of this virus and get killed (UGH!!!!!!!!!)

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