Wreck it Ralph Storybook Deluxe and Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic App Review

Wreck it Ralph app

Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and other favorite characters fromWreck-It Ralph star in this exciting Storybook Deluxe app. Follow Ralph as he wrecks his way through the arcade in search of a hero’s medal—and ends up finding much, much more.

My opinion: I loved this App!! I know it is a bit pricey but it is worth every dollar. This App is 2 activities in one. If you pick the Read option you get get a live action story book. When you are in the storybook or read option be sure to touch the screen to see the scene play out and be on the lookout for Vanellope glitching around the screen. I think younger children will love the read option because instead of just hearing the story they get to see it play out right before their eyes. Honestly I am an adult and I really enjoyed the read option, so did my teenage daughter.

The next option on the Wreck it Ralph app is the play option. This is my absolute favorite because you get to play Sugar Rush. I have been saying since I saw the movie that I would do anything for a Sugar Rush game. You can race as Vanellope or you can make ( or bake) your own race car. You get to pick between a few different tracks and you get steer your race car by steering your Ipad or your Ipod, so you really feel like you are actually racing. I can not tell you how much I love this game. I highly recommend it to everyone that has kids and those of us that are kids at heart.

Hero's Duty App

A fantastic prequel to the upcoming movie, readers are able to venture into the Hero’s Duty game to discover Dr. Brad Scott, Tammy Calhoun, the Space Marines, and the infamous cy-bugs as they fight on the unnamed planet.

My opinion: I like this app, but I do think it is more for boys. This is a live action comic book that boys ( and some girls)  will love. You get to hear the voices just like you would imagine if you were reading from a comic book. I do like how Disney is now making things for boys as well as girls.

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