Would you pay for Disney World Fastpasses?

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Earlier this morning Disneyland Paris announced that they would be rolling out a new paid Fastpass Service called Disney Premier Access.

Here are the details in case you missed it:

This optional digital service allows guests to enjoy the ability to skip the regular queue line for some of our most beloved attractions, including a mix of thrill-rides, Disney classics and experiences for the whole family. 

From anywhere inside the parks, guests can use the App to book an assigned time slot for select attractions, with prices at launch starting at 8€ per person per ride depending on the attraction and day of use. Guests without a smartphone can also purchase Disney Premier Access at select locations in the parks.

By choosing Disney Premier Access, guests have the option for more flexibility in planning their day and will be able to spend even more time enjoying attractions, shows and so much more.

You can read all about the new Disney Premiere Pass & the Standby Pass Here.

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Disneyland offered a MaxPass System before they shut down and reopened due to COVID.

Disney MaxPass combines the ability to make Disney FASTPASS attraction and entertainment selections from your phone with unlimited Disney PhotoPass** downloads from the day—and you can do it all for just $20 per day, per ticket!

In a nutshell, you would book your 3 fast passes once you arrived in the park, and then after those 3, you could do 1 at a time much like Disney World’s Fastpass system.

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The Fast Pass System never resumed when Walt Disney World reopened last year. With Disney World operating on a limited capacity it wasn’t really needed to be honest. However over the course of the past few months crowds at Disney World have been increasing.

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There have been talks for the past few months that Fastpass is returning to Walt Disney World with many speculating now that Disneyland Paris has a paid Fastpass Service that Disney World is next. (Big Gossip today)

The question remains would you pay for Fastpasses at Walt Disney World? Would you pay per ride like Disneyland Paris or would you pay per day like Disneyland?

As of right now, there is no word on if and when Fastpass is returning to Walt Disney World. If it does return there is no word either if it will be free like it was before or paid like some of the other Disney Parks.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Stay tuned to Chip and Co for more Fastpass News…

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4 thoughts on “Would you pay for Disney World Fastpasses?

  1. Nope. Never. We have two trips planned to WDW later this year and they might be our last. I’m sick and tired of Disney taking perks away and charging more.

  2. Of buy in to a max pass like system but not a pay per ride. We are going to WDW in January as a family of 6. Would I be willing to pay the equivalent of $10 per person per ride ($60!), No thank you! And if they then took away the standard wait line and replaced it with an online queue system you are required to use like in Paris I would be even more unhappy. I’m already looking to split our booked 10 day visit into half WDW and half Universal now in case this system come to WDW. MICKEY IS TRADING MAGIC FOR MONEY and I’m not okay with it. It’s one thing to know a corporation is charging you for their magic it’s another thing when they’re charging you to manipulate you into spending even more and taking away any magic that may have been left.

  3. 100f ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
    Apparently Disney forgot why they invented the fast pass in the first place.
    People can’t spend money while standing in line.
    So fastpasses alleviate this by allowing you to eat and shop during the Line times.

    So let me get this straight.
    Disney would rather have a VERY small amount of people pay $100+ for a fast pass instead of 1000’s of people paying for food and merchandise. Yeah. Cause that makes perfect sense.
    This crap may fly in Europe but not in Florida.

    Absolute garbage.

  4. For sure we’d buy a MaxPass like system for WDW. We already buy Memory Maker at $180 per trip. It would add less than an extra $100 after that for our party to get MP. Then we could stack FPs while we took an afternoon break in hot FL. Would love it! Disney take my money. I think it would make FP a better more enjoyable for us than the previous version. If it’s almost twice as good and I’m just paying a bit more? Good value in my eyes.

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