Woman files $3 Million Dollar Lawsuit over Space Mountain Injury

Space Mountain

A woman from Alaska is filing a $3 million dollar lawsuit against Disney for allegedly suffering a head injury when getting off Space Mountain in Disneyland according to the OC Register.

Sarah Andrews was visiting Disneyland in December of 2017 with her husband when Space Mountain shut down forcing her and other guests to evacuate the ride. Upon exiting the ride via a maintenance tunnel she struck her head against a low ceiling and she felt dazed and disoriented.

A Disneyland Cast Member instructed them to look down and watch their step but failed to warn riders about the low ceiling.

According to her report, she was eventually diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and permanent impairment requiring extensive continuing treatment.

Sarah Andrews is seeking $3 million in damages for medical expenses and lost earnings. She is being represented by Choate Law Firm in Alaska.


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