Wishes Album A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams

Wishes Album

As excited as I am that Walt Disney World is debuting a brand new Fire Works show, I will still always love and cherish Wishes! If you’ll miss Wishes as much as I will, you might want to check out the Wishes Album!

“Wishes”, Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Fireworks Display opened on October 9, 2003 and has been thrilling guests nightly ever since. Bursting with color, sound and emotion, “Wishes” is the biggest fireworks spectacular ever presented at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. This CD is dedicated to “Wishes”. “Wishes” will be replaced by “Happily Ever After” in May. Happily Ever After is sure to be every bit as beautiful and magical as Wishes, but my nostalgia will still always love Wishes. Many of us have lots of Disney memories made under those beautiful lights in the sky, so this Wishes Album will be a fantastic way of keeping those memories alive. The Wishes Album is available as a CD or Digital Album!

What are your favorites Wishes memories?

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