Wickedly Delightful Disney Villains Scentsy Collection Coming This Fall

Disney Villains Scentsy Collection

Something wicked is brewing, and it smells deviously delicious! We have just heard that there will be a Disney Villains Scentsy Collection. Just in time for Halloween this year too! The wicked new collection will make its spooktacular debut October 1! Get ready for a new warmer, Scentsy Bars, and lots of spellbinding fragrance!

Disney Villains Warmer

Disney Villains Scentsy Collection

Evil will be on display from every angle with a compelling new Disney Villains warmer. This multifaceted warmer features not one, but three sinister sirens! Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen are all here and ready to cast a wicked spell of fragrance for you.

I have honestly never wanted a Scentsy warmer more in my life than I want this one. It is a mischievous dark metallic purple, with glowing green accents. Each villainous baddy is carved into the side and highlighted by glowing green accents that highlight details inspired by each of them. Around the last is even their icons, among thorny brambles.

Disney Villains Scentsy Bars

Disney Villains Scentsy Collection

The wicked fun doesn’t stop there though! Three new scents inspired by each devious Disney diva will also materialize as a 3 Scentsy Bar Set! The set containing all three bars comes in a display-worthy gift box that looks like an intriguing spellbook. What a collection of scented potions this book holds too!

Check out the villainous scents available as this set:

  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Scentsy BarThe beauty of gardenia meets malevolent musk, while juicy blood orange drips over satsuma plum for the sweetest revenge.
  • Ursula: Poor Unfortunate Souls Scentsy BarAn alluring potion of wild blackberry, scarlet raspberry, and bubbly goji berry wrapped up in vengeful vanilla silk will leave you spellbound.
  • Evil Queen: Just One Bite Scentsy BarThe temptation is too much to resist when poisoned apple hidden deep in forest woods blends with warm cinnamon and menacing black molasses.

Starting Oct. 1, Disney Villains Wax Collection fragrances can also be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions. They can be added within 30 days after launch, or as long as the fragrances are available beyond that date.

We are beyond thrilled about the news of the new Disney Villains Scentsy Collection! As a long time Villains fan, I hope I can add this to my collection!

The new collection will go on sale on the Scentsy website and from your personal consultants on October 1, 2020! Stay wicked Chip and Co fans!

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