Wicked Cute Disney Villains Makeup Collection Coming Soon From Funko

Get ready to make your cosmetics POP with wicked style! Funko is creating its first venture into the world of fashion cosmetics. The collection will be Disney Villains Makeup, that will launch in September, just in time to have us looking wicked for Halloween.

The Funko Pop! and Disney Cosmetics Collection is comprised of four eyeshadow palettes, four lip glosses, four eyeliners and four brush sets, one for each delightfully wicked villain. Sneak peeks have been revealed of the lip glosses, eyeliners, and palettes, but we haven’t seen the brushes yet. I will say though, I am addicted to fun makeup brushes, and can not WAIT to see them!

The collection includes cosmetics inspired by Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Ursula and Cruella de Vil. They were chosen as characters who are bold, and confident, and take charge. Funko partnered with Taste Beauty to bring the cosmetics to life. Taste Beauty exclusively makes gluten, and cruelty-free products which was the perfect fit to bring this Disney line to life. The beauty brand also only uses the highest quality products.

Funko also has descriptions for each Villain’s line:

  • Maleficent’s Thorny line is as vicious, cursed and unapologetic as the villain that inspired it, bringing a rockin’ rebel style to your fashion game.
  • The Evil Queen’s Mirror line is as wicked and chaotic as the queen herself, the perfect match for those who take pride in being the bad apple of the bunch.
  • Cruella de Vil’s Darling line is savage, fierce and fashionable for the fashionista without boundaries.
  • Ursula’s Sea Witch line has all the scheming, bold confidence of Ursula herself.

The Disney Villains Makeup collection from Funko already sounds wickedly fantastic! We can’t wait until it hits the shelves and website of Ulta in September!

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