Wicked New Disney Villains Colourpop Collection

There’s a brand new Disney x Colourpop Collection coming, and it’s going to be wicked! After the super success of the Princess collaboration, Disney and Colourpop have revealed a Villains collection! The new Disney Villains Colourpop Collection makes it’s debut on March 21st!

The exciting new collection will materialize on shopDisney.com, Colourpop.com and Ulta, and Ulta.com on March 21st! This collection looks like it will be even bigger and “badder” than the last collection too!

The collection will star Maleficent, Hades, The Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, Ursula, and Cruella De Vil. There will be Lux Lipsticks, Ultra Glossy lip glosses, Supershock Highlighters, Jelly Much Eye Shadows, Collection Sets, Glitterly Obsessed body glitters, and a gorgeous 15 shade eyeshadow palette titled “Misunderstood”.

Each Villain will have their own Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Highlighter, Eye Shadow, and Collection Set. The collection sets will feature Each Villain’s Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Highlighter for $25.

Check out each Disney Villain’s assortment!

Evil Queen

Cruella De Vil





Dr. Facilier

Misunderstood Eyeshadow Palette:

Glitterly Obsessed Body Glitters in Anomaly (Teal), and Do I look Like I Care (Rose Gold).

The design style has a very edgy 80s/90s look to it, that is very fitting for the most devious denizens of the Disney Universe.

The Disney Princess collection sold out fast, and we’re suspecting this one will too! The good news is, that Colourpop now has the Disney Princess collection available online again.

Are you excited for the wicked new Disney Villains Colourpop Collection debuting on March 21st?

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