Which Network Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens Call Home?


The newest film in the Star Wars saga released in December 2015 has broken records world-wide.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nearing the $900 million mark in domestic sales.  This is leading Disney / ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution Department to investigate the best method and most profitable markets to sell the TV viewing rights to.

Rumors have the asking price at $30 million each for Force Awakens as well as the next two titles Episode VIII (2018) and Episode IX (2019).

The original six titles, from Star Wars (1977) are also on the table but no concrete values have been placed yet.   Sources share that Disney has been in talks with Turner, FX Networks, Viacom, NBC Universal and AMC Networks.

With the availability of home video and pay TV, the need for companies to pay such a high premium for a film is no longer as popular – except of course for Star Wars.   The Force Awakens has created such a following that TV execs are going to fight hard for the opportunity to have the rights.

Although Starz has the traditional pay TV rights to “Force Awakens” starting at the end of this year through its prior movie output deal with Disney. The title will probably not come to free TV until 2018 or later.

Disney’s deal with Netflix could cause some concerns as it includes all theatrical releases starting in 2016 and was valued at $300 million a year.  Time will tell which channel we end up watching our favorite Star Wars films.  True fans however will have the DVD / Bluray much sooner.

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