What to Find at Yukon During Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays

Yukon Holiday Kitchen is a Canadian inspired pop up food and beverage location available during the Epcot Festival of the Holidays. Check out the menu below.

Yukon’s Menu includes:


  • Seared Salmon
  • Traditional French Canadian Tourtiere
  • Maple Buche de Noel
  • Gold Chocolate-Chip Cookie


  • Frozen Coffee
  • Unibroue Ephemere Strawberry and Rhubarb
  • Inniskillin Riesling Icewine
  • Inniskillin Pearl Vidal Icewine
  • Inniskillin Gold Oak Icewine
  • Icewine Flight
  • Frozen Coffee with Tap 357 Whisky
  • Dasani Bottled Water

We recently visited Epcot to see the Festival’s food and beverage offering and couldn’t pass the opportunity to try the Maple Buche de Noel! Beautifully crafted with an abundance of flavors that complimented each other and danced on our palate.

Look at that swirl! Pure perfection.

We also couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the rich and chocolaty Gold Chocolate-Chip Cookie that would go well with a nice cup of coffee.

For guests who like to “Drink Around the World” there is also a special Blueberry Banjo Frosty available during this holiday season, with a non-alcoholic option available as well, called the Blueberry Slushy.


There is plenty to see and do at Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays, and we know you will enjoy these delicious treats available in the Canadian Pavilion during the 2018 Holiday season.

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