Disneyworld Quick Tip – Want to save money at Disney?

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Summer in Disneyworld means its going to be very hot. Having grown up in Florida I know how unbearable it can get in the summer months. You step outside and are instantly smacked in the face by the heat. With all that heat you need to take in extra water. Last time I went to Disney water cost me $2.50 a bottle. That is crazy!

An average person will need six to eight beverages a day per person to stay hydrated. The cost can get very expensive. Start multiplying the cost of eight beverages times a family a four and you could spend $80.00 a day just on bottled water or pop. Stay for a seven day trip and you easily spend $500.00+ on beverages alone!

There are 2 ways to save money in today’s quick tip, the first one is go out to Walmart or some other grocery store buy a few cases of bottled water, and crystal light packets, now a days everyone from Kelloggs to Gatorade makes those packets. Most usually cost around $2 for a box of 10. Bring a couple of bottles with you each day and refill them around the park whenever you stop for a snack or a meal.

The second way is a little more environmentally friendly, same as before go to Walmart or Target but this time pick up a reusable water bottle and keep using it throughout your trip. You can drink the water plain or with packets like before.

No matter what method you use you can stay hydrated your whole trip and save a bunch of money. If you get the Disney Dining Plan you have some pop or sweet tea at mealtime to mix things up a bit.

With all the money you will save on beverages, you could use that money to purchase all of your Walt Disney World souvenirs.

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