‘WandaVision’ Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda’s Trauma

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WandaVision Commercial Images and Wanda Maximoff

WandaVision‘ Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda’s Trauma. The new WandaVision series has had plenty of Easter eggs and nods to the Marvel Comics, but fans were alerted by show runners to pay attention to the commercials featured in the series who shared the commercials tell their own tales.

Eagle eyed fans noticed within the first few episodes that the commercial paralleled both the Infinity Stones and traumatic moments throughout Wanda Maximoff’s life.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

In episode 1 the commercial featuring a Stark Industries created toaster with a small colored, beeping light with a nervous looking couple waiting for the toast to pop. Humerously, this commercial nods to an argument Vision and Wanda have in the comics where she tells Vision, “You’re a damn toaster!” This scene then heavily leads us to the Mind Stone, which is the source of both Vision and Wanda’s powers. The scene is also reminiscent of the death of Wanda and Pietro’s parents in Sacovia due to a mortar bombardment that featured stolen/illegally sold Stark Industries tech. Pietro and Wanda had shared previously that they sat in their crumbling apartment building waiting for one of the mortars to go off and kill them too, before being rescued. This traumatic experience leads Pietro and Wanda to being radicalized against Stark and The Avengers and joining Strucker’s experiments.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

Episode 2 features a commercial for a watch created by Wolfgang Von Strucker. This one is a little more obvious, as a direct reference to Strucker and his experiments on Wanda and Pietro, giving them their powers which was bound to be traumatic for the subjects. The watch is easily tied to the Time Stone, and this is about the time fans realized the commercials were telling their own stories.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

As we entered episode 3 fans began to pay more attention and well, this is where it starts to become a little more obvious. The commercial features a strung out mother who is tired and in need of a break. To kick back and relax in a bath, the mother uses “Hydra Soak” a notable blue soap, making a direct connection with a scene in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where Coulson learns Hydra took control of the populous with some “blue soap” which was full of brainwashing chemicals. In the WandaVision commercial the soap is conveniently sold in a cube with blue text around it, which makes it, you guessed it, the Space Stone. Likely, this is a direct reference to Strucker’s experiments on Wanda and how Hydra managed to brainwash the twins during the experiments.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

As we rolled into episode 4, the featured commercial mimics the iconic spill commercials we are familiar with. A red liquid is spilled and a paper towel brand named Lagos is used by the couple featured in the commercials. Lagos just so happens to be the location that Captain America, Black Widow, The Falcon, and Wanda went to stop Crossbones from stealing an undisclosed virus from a Disease Control Center. Cap is distracted by Crossbones who shared Bucky is alive and Wanda saves Captain America by using her powers to contain Crossbones who triggered an explosion. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to control the entire situation and the bomb goes off several stories in the air, killing and wounding over a dozen people in an adjacent building and triggering the creation of The Sacovia Accords. The spilled red liquid parallels the innocent blood that was spilled and the reference to “husbands can use it too” refers to Vision accidentally hurting Rhodey later on in Captain America: Civil War. The red liquid also represents the Reality Stone, and shows this event is one of Wanda’s biggest regrets and she wishes she could change it all.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

Episode 5, the latest episode for the series at the time of writing, featured the first animated commercial, using claymation, a popular animation style in the 90’s. The yogurt commercial features a boy sitting alone on an island when a shark comes out and gives him a container of “Yo-Magic” yogurt. The boy struggles to open the contain and slowly withers away as the days go by. This commercial seems to directly reference how Vision can not live without Wanda’s magic (for the moment) and seems to represent the Soul Stone.

This would leave the Power Stone to be featured in episode 6 commercial, which based on the amount of sheer raw power we just saw at the end of episode 5 makes total sense.

'WandaVision' Commercials Parallel the Infinity Stones and Wanda's Trauma

Did you notice any of these clues throughout the commercials? What other Easter eggs have you noticed in the series? We would love to hear about them in the comments. Be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for updates and all things Marvel!

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