‘WandaVision’ and ‘Avengers’ Star Paul Bettany Does Not Have an Active Contract with Marvel Studios

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‘WandaVision’ and ‘Avengers’ Star Paul Bettany Does Not Have an Active Contract with Marvel Studios. Though it seems impossible for Marvel Studios to not have a plan for Paul Bettany now that White Vision has been introduced at the end of the WandaVision series, it seems that Marvel Studios is keeping him in the dark about the future of the MCU.

It comes as no surprise that Marvel would be keeping a tight lip about any future plans for Vision in the MCU. Marvel Studios is known to keep the “master plan” for future projects out of the eyes and ears of their cast members until absolutely necessary.

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When asked about any future appearances, Bettany shared with The Playlist., “I’m honest with you. I still don’t know (if there are more opportunities in the MCU). Oh no, no. I don’t have a contract. I don’t know that. I don’t know that at all. And all that I do know is, as far as this sort of traunch of press goes, it’s for an Emmy push, which is for a limited series. So it doesn’t look like that happening again. I mean, I guess it would be difficult to introduce White Vision and not deal with him in some way, but we have not discussed that.”

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Photo Credit: Marvel Studios / Disney+

When previously asked about his role as Vision, Bettany shared, “I love to play the vision. I would absolutely love to go on in any shape or form in the universe. I love this character and I think, as you will see when you see this, anything is possible. We can do all kinds of Breaking the rules. It’s very rich storytelling and there are lots of ways to tell all kinds of stories. I love being in it and it’s been a ride of a lifetime.

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