Walt Disney World will be filling long forgotten River Country pool.


River Country was once a fun filled water park at Walt Disney World, however since it’s closing in 2002 it has just been sitting untouched. There is now word that the pool in the center of the park that was once used as a major attraction is being drained and refilled.

Over the years we have seen many pictures and have heard many stories about River Country and what would become of the park which nature has taken back.  There is still no word on any other area of the park being worked on, only the pool.

River Country is located directly behind Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. There is now fear that if a child were to get away from their parents and end up in the partially empty pool it could result in the child getting hurt or worse. Disney is just recovering from a recent child death and now will be taking every precaution possible.

Besides the safety concern, standing water attracts mosquitoes, and with the new health scare of the Zika virus it is important to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Disney is claiming filling the pool at River Country had been a play in the works for a while now and has nothing to do with the Zika virus outbreak.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of something new being developed in this available land.

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